Why Focus on Products?

In This Episode...

  • Dan gives an update on his past week getting Speaking of Products started and then starts planning to refine his own product ideas.
  • The main topic this episode investigates the pros and cons of products vs services in business.
  • Lastly, Dan highlights some fun facts about Tetris, one of his favourite childhood products.


I'd like to give a shout out to a few folks that gave me a bit of love and feedback as I announced Speaking of Products on social media in the past week (last names omitted to protect the innocent 😉):

  • Rob
  • Kosta
  • Iliyan
  • Elizabeth
  • Kristin
  • Scott
  • Val
  • Dean
  • Simon
  • Noah
  • Ben
  • Matt
  • Jordan
  • Dave
  • Simon
  • Steve
  • Benedikt
  • Brian
  • Rick
  • Tyler
  • Joshua
  • Arvid
  • Tom

Dan's Product Journey Update

  • Last week I had planned a few items and I'm pleased to say I actually found the time to get them done:
    • I was able to finish setting up version one of Speaking of Products and hit publish as planned.
      • Thank goodness for that!
      • It's actually taken quite a while to get it going... I started producing everything in late December and so it's been a good two months of work to get to this point. Admittedly, I've only got nights and weekends to this sort of stuff and so I'm quite happy.
      • Well actually, I'm bit more than happy. It's fair to say I'm pretty much over the moon about it all! It's such a good feeling when you get to deploy and ship something that you've been wanting to do for several years!
    • During the week I was also able to get started on planning out my product development path, which I will talk about more in a future episode.
  • Next week my plan is the following:
    • Look into setting up a Patreon account so that anyone that wants to support the show can do so.
    • Refine and filter the ideas for the product I am thinking of working on.
    • Draw up a list of the types of customers that I think the product might serve.
    • Importantly, I'm going start jotting down some initial ways I could get started with marketing the product early.
  • That's it for the update this week.

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