The story behind Speaking of Products and it's producer, Dan Miller.

Hi there and welcome to Speaking of Products, the site that helps people who are looking to start or grow their own product-based business.

After years of running my own companies providing services in tech product development, tech project management and general business admin, I decided to pivot and focus on products.

I launched Speaking of Products in 2020. For years up to that point, I had been listening-in and following-on with the stories, blogs and podcasts created by folks in the self-funded startup (a.k.a. bootstrap) space. I wanted to join in as well as give something back.

The goal of Speaking of Products is to be a source of ideas, experiences, resources and community for people looking to start or grow a product-based business.

Come along for the ride as I take the journey of starting and growing a product-based business.

You'll hear about the thinking behind my decisions, the challenges I face, what it takes to make it a reality, the highs, the lows and the lessons-learned

Speaking of Products is produced by Dan Miller, lover of people creating awesome stuff, on an adventure to encourage and share solutions that make the world a better place.

Dan is the founder of several ventures including Citadel Systems, a technology project management firm, and Trade Guardian, a business administration outsourcing provider.

Dan’s experience and skills are supported by a foundation of formal education in business and technology including BEc, BIT, MSEng and MBA. Dan also spent several years teaching at the Australian National University as a Tutor and Adjunct Lecturer in both the Department of Computer Science and the College of Business and Economics.

There are a few simple philosophies that Dan abides by…

“Have fun in everything you do, continuously improve by challenging yourself to bigger and better things, learn-by-doing, help others to improve themselves, and give back at least as much as the world provides you”.