What is a Product-Based Business?

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Dan's Product Journey Update

  • As I mentioned in the intro, I'm just getting started with this move into products.
  • It is very early days.
  • At this point, I have a basic idea of the product I would like to make - but that is essentially it. I am literally at the stage of working through the idea in my head.
  • Since it is part of my product journey, in the past few weeks I have mainly been getting things up and running with Speaking of Products.
  • That includes the overall framework for the website, the podcast, hosting, online identity, etc.
  • It also includes recording the podcast itself and publishing it, which funnily enough takes quite a while when you are doing it yourself for the first time.
  • At the same time, I have been getting my house in order, so to speak. You know, clearing away any recurring distractions, seeing what free time I have outside of work and family commitments.
  • I tend to work best when I can focus for long periods. Context switching is definitely a killer of productivity, so I am looking for ways to adjust my early morning and evening schedule to have blocks of uninterrupted time.
  • Next week my plan is the following:
    • First, I'm going to finish setting up and releasing the first set of components for version one of Speaking of Products. This includes writing down some basic notes about how everything works so I can refer back to it in the future
    • Then, I'd like to get started on planning out my product development path.
  • That's it for the update this week.
  • Next up, let's get into a topic on the business of products

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