Heading Out On A Product Development Path

In This Episode...

  • First, an update on some of the progress I have made since episode 4.
  • Then, I have a brief conversation about COVID19 and how it is impacting us.
  • Lastly, I describe a set of process steps you can follow to get started developing a new product and establishing your product-based business.

Dan's Product Journey Update

In the last episode, I mentioned I was feeling excellent about my product journey and that I had made some very good progress.

This episode, while I'm still making good progress, I'm also experiencing a all sorts of emotions.

In the recording, Dan has a brief discussion here about COVID19.

Following Last Episode, I Had Planned To...

  • Keep working through the book - Start Marketing the Day You Start Coding; and...

  • Get into maker-mode for a decent chunk of time. That is, focus a good amount of my available free time on building some initial parts of my product.

How Did I Go?

On Progressing Through the Book

I didn't make much more progress there.

With everything that has been happening due to enforced home isolation and schooling from home, I haven't really had much in the way of spare time to sit down and read.

In addition to that, to be honest, I have been spending a lot of my time in maker-mode, actually working on my product.

On Building Some Initial Parts of My Product

I'm quite happy with progress on this item

I mentioned last episode that it's been a few years since I've done any decent coding and that I thought I would be a bit rusty.

Well, nothing could have been further from the truth in that respect.

For the last few weeks I have been working on some very basic structural parts of the front-end of the web-app I am building and I have been moving at a snail's pace.

I spent probably too much time reminding myself about how to go about things such as:

  • structuring the source code;
  • researching available libraries and packages that might be useful;
  • getting productive with packages I choose by reading through their API documentation.

In addition to that, I have decided to use a front-end framework and a coding language that I haven't worked with much at all. The framework is named 'React' and the coding language is named 'TypeScript'.

There are some long-term benefits I can foresee by using React and TypeScript but they come with the cost of initially going slow while I learn them both.

Despite the slowness, I have actually made progress. I have the basic structure of the front-end of the web-app working. So, like I said, I'm actually quite happy with it, all-in-all.

And that's the progress so far.

What's the Plan For the Next Block of Work?

Between this episode and next, this is my plan:

  • Return to the marketing book I had previously been reading - Start Marketing the Day You Start Coding.
  • Continue in maker-mode and focus on building the initial front-end of web-app. I'm picking up speed now and I would like to keep things moving.

Well, that's it for the update

Next up, it's time for a discussion on the main topic of this episode...

Heading Out On A Product Development Path

This topic follows the ideas and notes published in this article.

Resources Mentioned in the Topic

Supporter Shout Outs

Thanks this week goes to anyone that is supporting someone else during COVID19. That includes:

  • All the teachers, tutors and instructors out there in the world that have been setting up and running remote learning for kids during school shutdowns.
  • Any health professionals and support workers that are there for everyone else that needs it.
  • Our scientific researchers who are racing to develop a vaccine for COVID19
  • Last but not least, anyone in a leadership position who is doing their best in a bad situation to try and keep everything together for everyone they support.

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