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Introducing Steve McLeod,

Owner of Feature Upvote and Saber Feedback, host of the podcast: Bootstrapped.

Dan chats with Steve about a few things including:

  • Steve's background, where he is from and where he calls home today.
  • The products that Steve runs together with his team.
  • Using Search Engine Optimisation as a valuable long-term strategy for people finding out about your product.

Key Take-Aways

  • Search Engine Optimisation is no longer one of those activities you find people doing in the dark corners of the internet. Done right, it is nowadays a valuable way for people to find the exact content they are looking for.
  • One way to get started with SEO is to talk to people about your product, and afterwards ask them to describe it to you in their own words. Then, using the exact words they provided in their description, create online content around those keywords. That way, the search engines will index your material and start connecting it with the language that people will use naturally.
  • SEO is a long-term strategy that you can work on gradually over time and that can provide you with an excellent return on your time and investment.

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