Catch the wave and move fast by building on existing platforms

In This Episode...

Introducing Noah Bragg,

  • Founder and former owner of CoffeePass, an app that let's you order-ahead at independent coffee shops. Successfully exited in 2020.
  • Founder of SupportMan which provides Intercom Metrics & Ratings in Slack.
  • Co-host of the podcast: Product Journey.

Dan chats with Noah about a few things including:

  • Noah's background, where he is from and what keeps him busy.
  • The products that Noah has created and launched successfully.
  • Building on existing platforms that have a strong existing customer base as a viable strategy for gaining momentum fast.

Key Take-Aways

  • Building on popular existing platforms is a viable way to get a product up and running fast into a space where there is a large group of people you can provide value to immediately.
  • Taking your time to help an interested buyer of your business through the due-diligence process is definitely worth it.
  • Potion for Notion is definitely something to get excited about. Notion is already awesome. Being able to build a website based on your Notion material will make it even better.

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